2019 CANADIAN HF AWARDS (+2016, 2017, 2018)

Winner - Top Fund Administrator

2019 CANADIAN HF AWARDS (+2016, 2017, 2018)


Best Workplaces - Ontario



Our key qualities

Our business model and organization structure are unique within the industry. We succeed only when our clients do, and we pride ourselves on being:



We are privately owned, independent, and free from conflicts of interest in the services that we provide.



Our executive team has a combined 150 years of industry experience in senior leadership positions across the Canadian financial services industry.



We recognize that adaptive technological solutions are needed to maintain our competitive edge.



We believe that fostering long-term, close relationships with clients lead to success all around.



Our reputation for integrity is built upon a commitment to exceed expectations of accountability within the industry, and we have gained the trust of clients and investors.

Our services

FSI provides two core services to investment fund managers: Fund Valuation and Unitholder Recordkeeping. FSI is able to perform one, the other, or both of these services for any given fund.

Fund Valuation

Sometimes also referred to as "Fund Accounting", involves FSI determining the NAVPU (Net Asset Value Per Unit) of a funds' portfolio of assets.

Services that typically go along with Fund Valuation include:

  • Calculation of Management Fees & Performance Fees
  • Preparation of Year-End Files Required by the Funds’ Auditors
  • Preparation of Annual Draft Audited & Semi-Annual Unaudited Financial Statements
  • Calculation of Distribution Factors
  • Preparation of the Funds’ Tax Returns
  • Assistance with Product Structuring

Unitholder Recordkeeping

Sometimes also referred to as "Transfer Agency," involves FSI administering accounts, processing transactions, and providing investor reporting for the Manager.

Services that typically go along with Unitholder Recordkeeping include:

  • Providing a Unitholder Recordkeeping System for Investor Accounts
  • Investor Transaction Processing
  • Commission & Trailer Fee Processing
  • Providing Payment Advice Regarding Trust Bank Accounts
  • Providing Dealer Services & Product Approval Assistance
  • Creating Investor Reporting Including Statements of Account & Tax Receipts
  • Print & Mail Services