Converting-in from an existing administrator

FSI performs conversions-in frequently. We have detailed conversion task lists, we know what the potential risks are and how to mitigate them, and we perform extensive before and after verifications of all data. We are also mindful of the external impacts of such conversions, such as to dealers, Fundserv, price vendors, etc. We take full ownership of all tasks associated with any conversion. We assign one of our management team to be the dedicated Project Manager for the duration of the conversion process. Our IT is fully engaged and plays a critical role in the data conversion between systems. Updates and meetings with the Customer are scheduled and occur as regularly as is required. The Customer provides notice to the relinquishing firms, and ensures their commitment to the project and cooperation with FSI in converting the data from their systems. Generally the Customer involvement is limited to approvals, decision-making, and advisor communications. All investor historical data is converted over as standard practice. Multiple “mock” conversions may be performed off-line in a test environment until the exception rate is zero items. Customer decisions are requested as required. FSI has developed a very simple yet effective conversion process. We require only a few sets of data files in a standard format, quickly and easily provided by the current providers, and minimizing our new Client’s costs for the conversions out to FSI. Contact us today to learn more and request a no obligation quote.