Private Equity Funds

Deep Experience in Private Equity Fund Administration

SGGG-FSI specializes in the administration of all types of private equity funds and employs a dedicated PE team in our Fund Valuations department to handle the unique requirements of these products.

Experience with All Investment Types

Whether you are investing in mortgages, real estate, real property, land development, real assets, or offshore funds…we have you covered.

Capital Calls Processing

We can help with capital calls processing and the related banking reconciliation, whether you have a single closing or multiple closings.

CRM2 and ILPA Compliant Statements

Our investor statements are CRM2-compliant and track committed and contributed capital amounts. Alternatively, we can provide statements in ILPA format for investors with more sophisticated needs.

Our Services

Fund Valuation
Sometimes also referred to as “Fund Accounting”, involves SGGG-FSI determining the NAVPU (Net Asset Value Per Unit) of a funds’ portfolio of assets.
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Unitholder Recordkeeping
Our URK department keeps accurate investor information, records transactions, processes payments on time, and responds to client queries professionally and promptly.
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Diamond Technology
For more than ten years we have used our own proprietary fund administration system. Keeping control of our own technology in a single integrated system means we can respond and adapt to our clients’ needs more quickly than competitors who lease several third-party programs to perform their work.
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