Industry Leadership

FundSERV’s goal is to reduce time, risk and costs for the Canadian investment fund industry by eliminating the reliance on paper-based, manual transactions.

They accomplish this by working closely with committees and working groups to develop the business rules and electronic data standards required for automating various types of fund transactions. The volunteers on their committees and working groups act as the industry voice identifying automation and standardization opportunities.

FundSERV Standards Steering Committee

FSI Senior Vice President Dennis E. MacPherson is a long-standing Member of the FundSERV Standards Steering Committee (SSC).

The Standard Steering Committee reports to the Board of Directors and represents the interest of FundSERV's customers by providing a forum where industry issues are identified, addressed and communicated. The Committee selects, reviews and prioritizes new initiatives and oversees working groups.

FundSERV Technical Advisory Committee

FSI Chief Technology Officer, Dan Jovicic, is a Member of the FundSERV Technical Advisory Committee (TAC).

The Technical Advisory Committee reports to the Standards Steering Committee, providing advice and recommendations on the security, infrastructure and development implications of electronic standards.

This type of participation is about much more than simply staying informed.
It allows FSI to lead change and implement electronic and business processes for the industry, ultimately for the benefit of our Clients.

Some of the industry initiatives the FSI Executive had a leadership role in:

  • Alternative Products Business Practice & Electronic Standards
  • Automated Dealer Sales Commission & Service Fee Payments via FundSERV’s Net $ettlement Messaging (N$M)
  • CUSIP Rollover Request (CDS listed security rolling to a FundSERV transacted open-ended investment fund)